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  • This policy is an integral part of the User agreement / General Terms and Conditions as published on the main page of the Website.




Service Providers owe FQ a remuneration per issued FeeQuote. This compensation differs per FeeQuote Request and is determined by FQ and marked clearly upon placing the FeeQuote request.


Purchase credits


Service Providers may purchase Credit bundles via our payment systems or by manual transfer to our bank account (see payment page). As soon as the payment is processed by FQ, the respective number of credits is added to your account.




FQ does not offer refunds for previously purchased Credits nor for unsuccessfully issued FeeQuotes nor at the moment of closing the account.



At any moment FQ may decide to amend its pricing conditions for Credit bundles. Such amendments will be announced at the FeeQuotes.com website at least 15 days before processing such amendment. 

 Inactivity 12 months


In case a User has not logged in to its account for a consecutive period of 12 months, FQ is entitled to close its account and cancel any remaining credits.



In case a User enters into receivership, bankruptcy or liquidation, FQ is entitled to terminate collaboration completely or in part without having to pay damages of any kind.




Upon recognizing payment of a Credit bundle, we will forward an invoice by email to the email address as specified in your profile. 


This policy was last updated on 16 October 2019.